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As a graduate student at Penn State, I conducted research on Spanish students' improvement in pronunciation in the classroom. This research is part of a general interest of mine to add emphasis to pronunciation in second language (L2) curricula. Acheiving this, however, requires investigating native speakers' perceptions of foreign accented speech and teaching methodologies that effectively direct students' attention to appropriate aspects of their second langauge pronunciation. These two areas, specifically, comprise my current research agenda. At Ohio Wesleyan, I am in the process of publishing data collected over the last several years on L2 Spanish pronunciation learning. My most recent work in this area suggests that instruction on articulatory phonetics leads to measureable pronunciation improvement even when given to second-semester Spanish students.

In the classroom, I have taught first- and second-year Spanish language courses many times. At advanced levels, I have taught Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics, Romance Linguistics, Advanced Grammar, and as of the spring of 2013, Spanish Phonetics and Phonology. I have also taught French language at the second and third semester levels. Aside from teaching introductory and intermediate Spanish language courses, my other teaching and linguistic interests include phonetics and phonology, foreign accentedness, second language acquisition, the acquisition of an L1 and L2 phonology, phonological variation and change, and the history of the Spanish language.

This summer I am working on two paper revisions, extracting data for a project with my colleage Verónica González López (Arizona State University) on the relation between novice L1 English L2 Spanish learners' perception and production of L2 phones, extracting data for another project in which I am investigating the effect of L2 pronunciation training on L2 words learned early versus those learned late, and beginning to work on a manuscript to report the findings of this project. In the fall semester of 2013, I will be teaching Spanish 225, Spanish 226 and Spanish 381 (Advanced Spanish Grammar).



  • Presented at OSUCHiLL in April with colleage Verónica González López from Arizona State University.
  • Abstracts submitted with colleague Verónica González López for PSLLT 2013, SLRF 2013, and HLS 2013.
  • This summer, working on revisions for two papers, extracting data, starting a new paper, and revising my course Advanced Spanish Grammar for the fall semester.

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